I love to challenge the notion of “accurate color” by using the paint on the canvas as a medium to prove that accuracy does not always equal perfect aesthetics. I do this by taking seemingly unrelated splotches of paint and combining them in such a way that, as a finished product, they result in a true, beautiful, artistic representation of the subject – whether that be a face, a landscape or a piece of fruit.

I paint with the hope that each color or brushstroke will evoke emotions from those who view the finished product. My emotions go in, and seeing them come out through art is powerful and gratifying. I am connected to my work because many of my pieces relate directly to special places I’ve been or special people in my life. I feel that my dynamic brushwork helps make those paintings come alive, as I can depict real people, and real moments in time. Sharing this intimate, artful connection with others is a joy and an honor.

Like many artists, my craft is my passion. Since earning my painting and graphic design degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001, I have been growing and raising a family – tapping into my painting passion in small windows of time. Now that my children are a little older, I have been able to return to painting with more focus – producing artwork, sharing it with friends and family, and exhibiting

Participating in these shows, and returning to my professional passion has motivated me to continue working diligently to create some beautiful pieces, that I am so proud of. It’s been exciting, and gratifying to see my work evolve.